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Gran Colombia views responsible mining as a company-wide commitment that is at the heart of all business decisions. Every employee, from senior management through to the miners at each of our operations, endeavours to conduct our business to ensure lasting social progress and economic growth for all stakeholders throughout the life of a Gran Colombia Gold mine and beyond.

The Company is committed to being a responsible steward of the environment, to respecting communities within which it works and to maintaining industry best practice health and safety standards.

Our social and community programs are designed as catalysts to make positive, lasting contributions in the communities where we do business, while working in partnership with host governments, local community groups, non-governmental organizations, contractors and suppliers, with a focus on human rights and maintaining a principled, conscientious approach to corporate citizenship.

We design, construct and operate all our facilities in accordance with the highest applicable international health, safety and environmental standards and we seek partnerships based on open, transparent communication, with the aim of being responsible, respected and welcomed, everywhere we do business.

COVID-19 Response

Workers in masks and gloves

Protecting our workforce as we continued to operate at Segovia during the COVID-19 pandemic has required an increase in security and protection protocols, including increased disinfection, monitoring of possible symptoms and around-the-clock employee access to medical care. We have installed biometric facial recognition technology for touchless access, health screening and mask compliance. We have also installed additional employee sanitization stations throughout our facilities.

Workers in masks and gloves holding a box

In partnership with Fundacion Angelitos de Luz and Hacienda La Milagrosa, we continue to support our local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic by donating protein groceries to vulnerable families in Segovia, Remedios, Marmato, Caldas, Riosucio and surrounding areas of Chinchina and Mato.

Healthcare workers in masks standing in front of a hospital

We have supported our local communities through donations of sanitation kits and personal protective equipment to first responders within the community and medical equipment to local hospitals.

Seamstress making a mask

To protect the community and boost the local economy, we have worked with local seamstresses to produce 110,000 face masks for the communities of Antioquia and Caldas.


A group of miners

Our Segovia operations incorporate an artisanal miner model that contracts local miners to work in our mining title in areas that do not encroach on our Company mines and to deliver mineralized material to our mill for processing — enhancing our relations with the local community and improving the environment by reducing the use of mercury. The Company has agreements with 40+ artisanal miner groups and formalization of up to 2,500 small miners. The artisanal miner model complies with all government, tax, security, environment and health & safety guidelines and regulations.

A miner wearing safety equipment

Health and safety is our number one priority in our operations. Over the last few years, we have put considerable investment behind improvements in our health and safety programs, including training and awareness initiatives, underground mine refuge stations, improved underground mine ventilation, personal protective equipment and more. As a result, we have seen a major reduction in lost-time injuries and days lost to injury.

A newly constructed road

We have participated in road construction throughout the municipality of Segovia, including roads that drive through the center of town and new roads that allow our trucks to by-pass the town to improve road safety.


School aged children playing

In partnership with the Fundacion Angelitos de Luz, we administer the local elementary school Gimnasio la Salada in Segovia. In 2020, the school has approximately 500 students enrolled in kindergarten through to grade seven. Since 2012, the school has provided quality education to more than 3,800 students. The first class of bilingual students will graduate in 2024.

Student walking to school

In 2020, we finished construction of a new high school in Segovia to increase the opportunity for children to access a higher-level education in their own community. Complete with 12 technology-equipped classrooms, a teacher's room, administrative area, sports areas, cafeteria, library, music room, laboratories, multipurpose classroom and multiple classrooms, the school currently hosts approximately 200 students in its first year of operation.


Overhead image of a mine

In 2019, we opened El Chocho, our new tailings storage facility which receives material from our Maria Dama processing plant at our Segovia Operations. We also commissioned a new filter press which allows us to comply with international best practices by dry stacking the material and re-circulating clean water back to Maria Dama for re-use in the plant operations. El Chocho will receive material for approximately eight years, after which it will be rehabilitated for community use.

A worker walking through a plant nursery

Reforestation and water biodiversity are important initiatives at our Segovia operations. To date, we have gone above and beyond our environmental permit requirements, planting almost 12,000 new trees in 16 hectares of our mining title, a ratio of 5 new trees for every tree we have cut down in our operations.

Vegetation reclamation area

Through our environmental reclamation programs, over the years we have been rehabilitating former tailings storage sites using specific vegetation and water catchment design to return the areas to a safe and natural state.

Solar energy generation plant

Earlier in 2020, we signed an agreement to construct an 8 MW Renewable Energy Electricity Project in Colombia that will operate for 30 years using a solar generation plant that will produce up to 21,500 MWh per annum. Through this initiative, a portion of the electricity requirement in our operations, and that of Caldas Gold, can be accessed through the national grid and we can receive CO2 certificates which are beneficial to reducing our carbon footprint.


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