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Why Colombia?

Colombia is a country of opportunities with a growing economy, free trade agreements with 48 countries, a government that is very supportive of foreign investment and second place ranking in Latin America for personal safety and protection of private property.

Colombia offers the same exceptional mineralogical potential as South American mining giants Peru and Chile. Formerly the largest gold producer in Latin America, the country has produced over 80 Moz Au since pre-Colonial times, but the country did not experience the 1980s exploration boom that propelled Peru and Brazil to become major gold producers. Colombia provides a unique opportunity for gold exploration as modern exploration only began within the last five or ten years, providing the potential for major discoveries, such as our Marmato project.

Colombia’s cities have developed into modern business hubs complete with the high standard of infrastructure and services that exploration and mining companies require, underpinned by a strong rule of law with strong legal tenure under which mining concession and other contracts are respected. With direct flights to Canada, the US and Europe, Colombia is rapidly becoming established as a destination of choice for exploration and mining companies.